JavaScript is one of the most popular languages for web development.
It was initially created to develop dynamic web pages. Every JS program is called a script, which can be attached to any web page’s HTML. These scripts run automatically when the page loads. A language which was initially used to create dynamic web pages can now be executed on the server and practically on any device consisting of the JavaScript Engine.

We are going to learn JavaScript, by answering the most frequently asked javascript interview questions:

In JavaScript, a truthy value is a value that is considered true when…

ReactJS is a javascript library, so no, it’s not a framework. Its primary purpose is to assist in creating interactive and stateful UI components that developers can reuse.

If you consider a software design pattern like MVC (Model–view–controller), you can consider React as the application’s view.

React can also work on the server-side and render a page on the server before displaying it to the client.

To work with ReactJS, we need a package manager like NPM or Yarn to install all the files en dependencies required. We can use the command create-react-app to quickly start developing our application since…

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